August top 5

Almost the end of August, which means I can still sneak a post in.  Bit late on this one, but heres the Aug top 5.  Been pretty rainy here lately in Korea, so going with a bit more melancholy this time. 

1. Daat- Orange Line [Offshore Recordings]

Nice deep vibe on this one from Montreal. 

2.  DFRNT- Work Harder [Echodub]

From his new “El Spirito” EP.  Crisp percussion and good eye to detail.

3. Ulrich Shnauss- Nothing happens in June [Domino recordings]

Dreamy piece by the German ambient master.  Recent interview here

4. Sven Laux- They have been marginalized [Dewtone recordings]

Micro detailed minimal piece from the Germans latest EP.  

5. ASC- Earthtones [Covert Operations]

Not sure what is better the tune or the video?  hmm how about both.